Enrich your mind body and soul,
knowledge is power

Enrich your mind body and soul, knowledge is power

True life is lived when tiny changes occur

Every client is coached individually

Let’s get to the root causes of your health and weight issues, restore balance & change your outcomes together. Together we will work on a clear step-by-step action plan that will upgrade your knowledge, build your confidence and move you towards optimal health.

All packages are bespoke and will be with Reshma at The Wellness Clinic in Harrods. The programmes are available across the UK and worldwide, either in person or remotely via Zoom and Facetime.

The Re:form programme is bespoke to those wanting to make long lasting changes to their weight and lifestyle. I personally coach you on your nutrition, sleep, activity and mindset allowing you to achieve impressive weight loss and positive habit change.

These habits and behaviours you learn will follow you wherever you are in the world.

Every programme includes:

  • A 60-minute initial consultation where I better understand you and you learn about yourself: I understand your goals, lifestyle, and background and this will allow me to create a bespoke 14-week plan.

  • A 90-minute consultation where I will deliver your bespoke nutrition and lifestyle plan. This will lay out the foundations of my signature Re:form programme. You will be clear on your nutritional recommendations, and adjustments to aspects of your life such as sleep and work balance.

  • Regular weekly support guiding you as you work, travel, and holiday to ensure you stay on track.

  • Body composition measurements using cutting edge 3D body imaging and weekly medical grade body composition analysis.

  • Expert support for medical conditions, working closely with your GP/Medical team.

  • NLP coaching and motivational tools to give you success and long lasting results.

You are not right for the programme if:

  • You want to limit foods. Unfortunately you will be eating carbohydrates and drinking if you enjoy this.

  • Want weekly meal plans. I can guide but cannot tell you what you eat.

  • Want to be on a calorie controlled diet. This is not always the best and comes with huge risks.

  • You have an active eating disorder. You must be working with a psychologist on my team before you work with me.

  • You are not ready to address all aspects of your life. This is needed for a long term change.

You are perfect for the programme if:

  • A busy professional achieving in all areas of life but feeling tired and lethargic by the end of the day. Too tired to go to the gym, take the children out or cook the meals?

  • Wanting to look and feel good without restricting behaviours? Feeling like not eating the carbs is the only way forward?

  • Are you accepting menopause symptoms like weight gain, fatigue and brain fog?

  • Trying to find the best diet that works for you? It worked in the past but isn’t working now or your friends doing it but you can’t?

  • Travelling for work or pleasure and not knowing how to manage a healthy lifestyle?

  • You struggle to prioritise your wellbeing between kids, work and socials.

Don’t remove and restrict, add value to your life.


I am a Registered Dietitian with an MSc in Nutrition and Dietetics and BSc Hons in Nutrition and Food Science.

I am certified in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and pre-conception and prenatal nutrition.

I have specialised in weight management for men and women, pre and post-menopause, PCOS, and disordered eating behaviours.

I am passionate to help clients manage their cholesterol, diabetes, and blood pressure.

I am a leading nutrition expert working as a part of a global learning and development team, coaching employees on wellbeing, productivity, and personal growth.

I partner with leaders from all over the world at major organisations.

A speaker for Tedx