Look after yourself and be the best to the people around you

Look after yourself and be the best to the people around you

Courage is the power to let go of the familiar

“The best time and money spent … after meeting such a lovely human like Resh my lifestyle was all sorted for the better as in my entrepreneurial hectic life got my body mind weight down! She actually rescued my eating habits lifestyle and checked up on me on my journey so this is what made it special I wasn’t alone I had the best knowledgeable guidance though out . Never felt better.”

Suman Jalaf,
Founder of Brows by Suman

“She managed to change my whole mindset and how I address food, balancing my life in fact, that I have a skill set I take anywhere I go now. I don’t compromise and still enjoy, but I know how to snap back now if I need to with ease.”

Sheena Bhattessa
Actor, producer, and founder @citizenfemme

“I was exhausted, overweight, and I felt defeated. Initially, I was skeptical that the plan would work, but it did! Reshma is a top-notch life coach. She leads with expertise, optimism, and compassion. Reshma was able to identify all the changes I needed to make and work with my lifestyle”

Savalle Sims
Generel Counsel for Discovery

Reshma takes the time to explain her evaluation and treatment plan so you clearly understand and I highly recommend her services

Elizabeth Ozua – National Sales Director at Mary Kay and International Speaker


We pride ourselves on a scientific, flawless foundation and being evidence-based. We’re working on soft skills with a methodology built on hard evidence. It’s inspiration supported by expertise both in our clients and our team.