Welcome to the RE:FORM Programme

Welcome to the RE:FORM Programme

Signature Weight and Lifestyle Management by Reshma Patel

About the RE:FORM Programme

The RE:FORM Programme provides a bespoke journey of weight and lifestyle management. Choose between an intensive 8-week programme, an extended 14-week course, or opt for a full annual package for comprehensive, year-round wellness.

The journey starts with your choice of either in-person or remote consultations, designed for your ultimate convenience.

Initial Consultation

The first step is a comprehensive 60-minute initial consultation with Reshma Patel. This consultation is designed to understand your unique needs and goals. It involves a deep dive into various aspects of your life – sleep, stress management, emotional well-being, physical activity, nutrition, and hydration.

Bespoke Wellness Guide

After understanding your unique needs, you will receive a 90-minute delivery of a bespoke wellness guide, including your foundations. This guide helps you gain a comprehensive understanding of the programme’s science and structure, setting the stage for the 8-14-week journey ahead.

Comprehensive Body Composition Analysis

To ensure an effective, personalised approach, we provide a comprehensive body composition analysis. This assessment allows us to understand your unique composition and track your progress throughout the programme.

Tailored Recipes and Regular Support

To complement the programme, we offer tailored recipes designed to improve gut health, boost immunity, and add variety to your diet. Regular consultations – in-person or virtual – along with daily app support ensure that you are always guided and motivated on your wellness journey.

Training Packages and Pharmacological Weight Loss

As part of the RE:FORM programme, we offer specially tailored training packages to enhance your weight loss journey. For those seeking additional support, we also provide pharmacological weight loss solutions like Ozempic.

RE:FORM Programme Packages

Choose the right package for you:

RE:FORM 8 WEEKS: £3250.00
RE:FORM 14 WEEKS: £3990.00
RE:FORM ANNUAL: £11,500.00

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